The Best Shit I Heard in 2016

OK, everybody relax. It’s finally here. These are the best albums I heard in 2016. They’re in no particular order. Endless Light O’Brother Genre: Alternative Sounds like: Pan-seared Mogwai served on a bed of Black Map with a side of Muse Standout tracks: Your Move, Deconstruct, Complicated End Times Sample lyric: “I saw the end of time, I […]

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My Sublime Packages

This is a super boring post where I list all of the packages I’m using for Sublime Text 3. I’m posting this in the year 2016. No reason to mention that really, but I just wanted it on the record. AllAutoCompleteSearches all open files for autocomplete. By default Sublime only searches the current file. AutoFilenameAutocompletes […]

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White Chai Ale

I’m not sure if I want to call this a White Chai Ale or a Chai White Ale or something else way more clever than that. Whatever it ends up being called, it better be F-ing good because I just spent all god damn day making it.

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Rye Gose

A traditional Gose is typically brewed with 50-60% wheat, a small amount of hops, and coriander and salt for flavoring. It’s supposed to be a little sour too. You might think of it as a salty/sour Witbier. Actually, you might not cause you don’t know shit, but trust me.

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